Well … First of all, let’s start about that who we are and what we do. Our names are Kaie & Raul. We met about 7 years ago and we have been together for five years now. Next month at 19th of October will be ours anniversary. UNBELIEVABLE! Already six years together? Time flies so fast …

A few years ago we had an idea to make our life more interesting and get out this work routine. So, we made some plans to achieve this goal. Our plan looked like this – we buy a van and we are going to discover the world. First of all, we have to start collecting a money and then we buy a van. It seems so simple? Yes, at first, this plan seemed really simple .. But behind this is actually a huge amount of work and effort. But we are sure that was our best decision!

We have been traveling together a lot and we are both an adventurer soul. Every time when we travel, we feel free for everyday problems. Traveling is the best way to rest. Expands the horizons and gives new energy to keep up with this work routine. For all this, it was not difficult for us to make that decision. We talked about all the everyday problems and worries and we came to the conclusion. We don’t want to live our whole life like that.

Some pictures of our trips ♥


We would like to drive away this autumn – October or November. It all depends on when the van is ready. We hope that we can drive away earlier, but we are afraid that we will not be able to get a van ready. We think that autumn is the best season to drive away for this cold Estonian winter 😀 And Spain is the best place for summer extension. Palm trees, warm sand, sunny weather and of course cold sangria 😛

If you’re waiting for what’s going on next then come and follow us in the instagram – @lifelikeaparadise
Follow us and get part of our paradise life ♥ !

PS! We hope that you forgive us if you don’t understand some words because English is not our home language 😀






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