Is it real or a dream!? Did we really make it? That day has finally come. All these work days and nights in garage are ended. It was so amazing feeling to pack all our stuff in the van, start the engine and drive away from home. We are so proud of ourselves that we finally have done it. Our dreams come true! 🙏😇

We drive away from home in 16th of December 2018. Our first destination is Spain. We wanted to drive to south of Spain because there is the best climate in Europe. Trip started from Estonia 🇪🇪 and we drive-through five countries – Latvia 🇱🇻, Lithuania 🇱🇹, Poland 🇵🇱, Germany 🇩🇪 and France 🇫🇷.

First stop was in Poland at McDonalds parking place. There was a lot of snow and -3 degrees. It was 5 degrees colder than in Estonia. But fortunately we slept well and it wasn’t so cold inside the van. When we crossed Lithuanian – Poland border then the traffic jams begun. There was two different traffic accidents and road was closed. It takes us three hours to get through the traffic jams and continue driving.

Next stop was in Germany. Weather was quite better than in Poland. There was no snow and +5 degrees. Again we stayed at McDonalds parking place. McDonalds is good place where to stay at night because there are free wifi and toilets. Next day when we started driving we noticed that the climate is changing. The sun was shining, all fields was green and temperature was about +10 degrees. Sunshine gives us so good feeling and makes us happier. Also we saw a lot of big fields what was full of solar panels. We really liked that all environment was so green and people care about nature.

At next we stayed in France. In France are roads where you have to pay toll fee, we avoid them and choosed another way. We drived through small towns, villages and between the mountains. Some mountains were very high and we was a little bit worried about our van because it has little engine. We found another McDonalds where to stay. When we arrived in this town we saw messy streets and protesting people everywhere. Unfortunately this street where McDonalds is located was closed by police. We noticed burning stuff and protesting people fighting against to police. So we decided to drive away another town where to stay at night. In the end everything was good. We found a parking place between the lorries where was safe to stay at night.

At the end of 4th day we crossed France – Spain border. We was so glad that we finally had arrived our destination country. Again we found another McDonalds where to stay at night. At the end of the next day we arrived to Malaga. To sum it up 4409km, 401l fuel and 532€. Our van average fuel consumption is 9,1l/100km. Calculate on that we took with us a lot of stuff like bicycles, clothes, tools, spareparts, chairs, solar panel, roof box etc it’s not bad at all.

At the moment we are staying in Spain and what we are going to do next – you can see our next blog post or instagram page – @lifelikeaparadise ☀️🌴


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