We arrived in Spain 20th of December 2018. Our first stop was in town Vic. We stayed there at night and there was so cold, -1 degrees. It was so weird that we had travelled so far from home and temprature was same as in our home country 😀

Next day we drive forward to South of Spain. We drive through a lot of Spain towns and villages. We saw a huge oranges and mandarins plantations. We made a stop in Valencia petrol station and there was a huge mandarins plantation where we picked some fresh fruits by our own hands. These mandarins smelled so good and taste was much better than in Estonians shops or markets. In Spain you can see a lot of orange, lemon and mandarin trees. It is weird to see these fruits are laying under the trees and nobody won’t pick them up.

We drived all day long and stayed at night in town Benalmadena. A few years ago I shared one facebook giveaway and won one week accommodation in Benalmadena. That is the reason why we wanted to go that town again. That was our first vacation in warm country.

Next morning 22nd of December, we started driving forward to village Bolonia. There was a large beach with white sand and crystal clear water. It was our first time to visit Atlantic ocean. The water was very cold but despite this we wanted to swin in the ocean and we went to the water. Bolonia beach is located in Bolonia village next to the Atlantic ocean. It is beautiful and quiet place where to stay at night. The weather was nice, sun was shining but there is always very windy. Average day temperature was 17 degrees and 8 degrees at night. We stayed there for three days and then we drove forward to Cadiz.

We are sorry that we have’nt post our blog so often because we have a lot of activities to do. But we are trying to fix this problem and post more often. If you want to see more about our activities then come and follow us on instagram – @lifelikeaparadise 🌴☀️

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